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How To Benefit From The Negative Feelings of Divorce

The negative feelings and emotions you experience during divorce usually lead to chaos between you and your kids’ other parents. Learn how it’s actually possible to use these overwhelming feelings in much more beneficial ways that will help you create an environment of divorce for your children. After all, don’t your kids deserve for you to be the best parent you can be no matter what is going on between you and their other parent?

How Can I Make My Website Load Faster

Page speed is a very important part of your web design if you want to keep people on your website long enough to make a purchase. If the site loads even seconds slower than they desire, they’ll click away and not buy.

5 Things In Life, Which Are, Often, Cyclical

There’s an expression, which states, many things in life, come, in – cycles! Whether, in our personal, every – day, lives, or in government policies, etc, this is true! It occurs, in terms of financial/ economic issues/ scenarios, etc, housing costs/ styles, etc, business – related matters, politics and political trends, and personal attitudes/ perceptions.

Freedoms Should Be Protected, But With Common Sense Limitations!: 6 Examples

This nation has always, prided – itself, on standing – out, from much of the rest of the world, because of our defense of specific rights, privileges, liberties, and justice, for – all! However, there is a big difference, between, true freedom, and common sense, defense, of these, for the greater good! Because of this, there is a need for certain limitations, to protect the health, safety, and well – being, of the public, at – large!

6 Things We Should Be Able To Expect From Any President!

Evaluating, whether, someone, elected to the highest office in our land, is fit to be our President, should not be based, solely, on the specific political agenda, and perspective, of the individual, but, rather, on non – partisan requirements/ qualifications/ considerations, and how these relate, to the best interests of all our citizens, the nation (as a whole), and the rest of the world! In the past four years, we should have come to realize, and understand, there is a tremendous difference, between, political – spin, and outright – dishonesty, lack of integrity and ethics, and less – than -…

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