Don’t go to the ER for COVID-19 testing, Austin hospitals beg

How Do You Create Multiple Streams of Income?

Here are just a few of the ways you can create multiple streams of income online. There are also ways you can do it offline such as savings, investing, rental income, and more.

Why Don’t They THINK, Outside – The – Box?

When, the hallmark, key/ principal slogan, of one’s original campaign, and continues, being so, to this day, is, to, Make America Great Again, it should be, obvious, the focus, of that individual, is not, on serving and representing, in a responsible, responsive, relevant way, but rather, fondling, looking – back, at the past, apparently, seeming to, believe, in the famous words of Paul Simon, Everything looks worse (or better) in black – and – white! Instead of, accepting, simply, the same – old, same – old, empty promises, and rhetoric, wouldn’t we, probably, be, far, better – served, if our elected…

Don’t Lose Your TEMPER!: Laugh At His Lies!

If your political opponent, consistently, resorts to lying, and articulates, what his former, Senior Adviser, refers to, as, Alternative Facts, debating, and running a political campaign, against him, becomes, even, more challenging! Whether, intentionally, or, not, it seems, President Donald Trump. does so, in order, to motivate/ inspire his core supporters/ followers, and, force his political opponent, and/ or, opponents, to over – react, and lose their TEMPER!

How To DEBATE A Serial Liar?

Effective debating requires preparation, acquired skills, exemplary knowledge/ expertise, debate – specific skills/ abilities, and the ability to think – on – one’s – feet, in order to effectively, respond to whatever, one’s debating opponent states, and/ or, claims! However, this works, when all parties are ready, willing, and/ or, able to play, by – the – rules, without distorting, and/ or, manipulating the facts, and/ or, data, to enhance one’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! What can one do, when the other party refuses to do so, either willingly/ by – design, and/ or, perhaps, may…

7 Things You Need to Know Before You Travel to Kenya

If you love incredible landscapes, excellent beaches, fantastic hiking, and lots of Safari opportunities, you may want to visit Kenya. In this article, we are going to talk about a couple of things that you may want to consider before you travel to Kenya. 1.

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