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Distant Dust Storms Rage On Saturn’s Largest Moon

Enshrouded in a dense golden hydrocarbon mist, Saturn’s largest moon Titan is a mysterious, mesmerizing world in its own right. For centuries, Titan’s veiled, frigid surface was completely camouflaged by this hazy golden-orange cloud-cover that hid its icy surface from the prying eyes of curious observers on Earth. However, this misty moisty moon-world was finally forced to show its mysterious face, long-hidden behind its obscuring veil of fog, when the Cassini Spacecraft’s Huygens Probe landed on its surface in 2004, sending revealing pictures back to astronomers on Earth. In September 2018, astronomers announced that new data obtained from Cassini show what appear to be gigantic, roaring dust storms, raging through the equatorial regions of Titan. The discovery, announced in the September 24, 2018 edition of the journal “Nature Geoscience”, makes this oddball moon-world the third known object in our Solar System–in addition to Earth and Mars–where ferocious dust storms have been observed.

Lean Supply Chain Takes New Direction at Amazon

Lean supply chains often require strategic relationships with just a few suppliers. But Amazon has chosen a different direction to broaden its product line and bring boutique products to its customers at lower prices.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Act As Though They Are An Extension Of Others?

A lot of attention has been given to the type of person who sees others as an extension of themselves. In this case, someone won’t believe that other people have their own thoughts, feelings, and interests, and are, therefore, individuals.

Biggest Technological Advancement in Retail Management Software for The Year 2019

The article explains, in brief, cloud-based point of sale software – the most significant technological invention that will be employed in the coming year. It also talks about two fields where cloud computing can be put to good use. The benefits, of utilising cloud POS software in supermarkets and medical industry are detailed.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is Cancer Linked With Poor Blood Sugar Control?

For some time Type 2 diabetes has been linked with cancer in the pancreas as well as several other types of cancer. It should come as no surprise poorly controlled blood sugar levels are linked to pancreatic cancer and to a lesser extent, different kinds of cancer. That was the conclusion drawn by a group of scientists who were studying Type 2 diabetes and cancer at Sheba Medical Center in Israel and several other research facilities in Israel and the United States.

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