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Gentlemen of Titanic

“Women and children only!” shouts the ship’s authority during the evacuation from the sinking Titanic. The ship, labeled before the incident in the Atlantic to be unsinkable, became so proud from the praises people gave her (the Titanic; sailors consider ships as feminine), and so tried to defy an iceberg but was put to demise.

Professional Life Vs College Life

Each one of us grew up with an aim, a dream in our heads, which determined our higher education, our choice of college. Coming to college is like a dream come true for many. That sense of freedom, responsibility, the endless possibilities for future, friends, bunking.

Walk Around About HTS Classification, ECCN Classification And ITAR Compliance

HTS or HS is also known as Harmonized System or Harmonized Tariff Schedule, which is developed by World Customs Organisation (WCO) which is again classified and defined a s International Goods. However, there is a slight difference between HS and HTS codes. The HS codes are usually six digit codes which is an universal standard code and then the HTS codes come with seven to ten (7 to 10) digits.

How to Defeat a Creativity Block and Generate Innovative Ideas

People who are associated with creative professions such as music, poetry, dance, advertising, research, etc. are most likely to be affected by creativity blocks. A creativity block is not only frustrating but also the worst enemy of a person. There are various types of creativity blockage that kill the creative thinking of a person. Different persons have different causes to experience creativity block. Here we have mentioned some major creativity blocks that many people are experiencing and also have given creative tips by which you can easily defeat your creativity block.

How To Add Meaning To Your Life

All that we endeavor for is to make meaning in life. Though it can be called an exact science, you surely will agree, it makes a difference in how you treat yourself and your life once you become clear what meaning you intend to create in life. Learn a few ways you can make meaning…

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