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Without FREEDOM, How Can America Be Great?

Don’t you find it, somewhat, confusing, and, perhaps, hypocritical, the same individual, who consistently, uses the slogan, Make America Great Again, seems to have, become, a potential, clear and present danger, to any possibility, because, he selectively, chooses, how he might consider, FREEDOM, liberties, and rights, for – all? When the President, seems, more supportive of his core supporters, than all his constituents, and is willing to equate the activity of peaceful protestors, with the actions of White Supremacists, and refers to the Free Press, as the Enemy of the People, what does that indicate? How can America, be, as great, as…

Do You Trust SCIENCE, Or His Opinion?

Every public health scientist, and expert, states, it is essential to consider, understand, and follow the SCIENCE, and gather, and properly apply, and use, all relevant data, in order to make the wisest decisions, in terms of strategic and action planning! Despite, the fact, President Donald Trump, claims to be a stable – genius, and, seemingly, in nearly, every area of governing, from the military, to financial markets, to the handling of this horrific pandemic, opposes the perspectives, and views, of the experts, even, those, he appointed, especially, when they seem to disagree/ oppose, his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self -…

Divorce Recovery and Cultural Obstacles: Debunking the Myth That Men Can’t Express Their Feelings

This article answers the question, “Is it true that men really cannot express their feelings?” The belief that men can’t express their feelings is a well-accepted part of our culture. This belief permeates efforts to help men recover from the emotionally shattering experience of divorce. If it is in fact true, the prognosis for a full and complete recovery from divorce by men is discouraging at best. If it turns out to be just an unsubstantiated myth, the prognosis for divorce recovery by men it extremely hopeful. The question becomes, is it actually true?

The Value Of Patience Or The Advanced Principles Of Honesty

Think! Life is work when you have to earn your way through. When you do though, it is totally worth it and nobody can genuinely take it away from you. With that meant and hopefully understood, I begin this article.

7 Things to Do in Muktinath and Mustang

Muktinath lies in the northern region of Nepal at an elevation of 3800 meters and is known as the only desert in Nepal. The weather is normally chilly, it is also pretty dicey for its windy weather.

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