Fire rips through north Austin apartment complex, dozens displaced

What Is Bird Milk?

Life-giving milk! Mammals create it to feed their young but did you know that certain birds also produce a milk-like substance in order to feed their offspring? And, unlike mammals, the male and female produce it and provide these life-giving nutrients to their young?

Best Destinations for Cultural Tour in Nepal

Nepal is blessed with immense natural beauty, attracts and welcomes a large number of diverse people on an annual basis. Here, travelers naturally gravitate towards the recreational and adventurous activities the country has in store for them such as bungee jumping, mountaineering, rafting, and so forth.

My Rainbows

Are they just coincidences or are you being guided to a higher purpose? What can we learn from the teachers all around us? Do you love yourself as you are?

Pandemic: Student’s Mental Health, Struggles and Tips

With COVID-19 pandemic, people are in difficult situation. They either become the best version of themselves– or the worst depending on their resiliency amid this hard time. Yes, students especially are the common victims of this pandemic. Read on and learn a thing or two.

Do My Fears Limit My Success

This article is about fear. How do you handle the fear that can limit your success? The goal is to move towards success without falling to the urge to fail.

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