Former Austin firefighter arrested in APD human trafficking sting

How True Leaders Should DECIDE?

There’s a big, significant difference, between, holding some position of leadership, and becoming a true leader. People are either elected, selected, and/ or ascend to certain positions, for a wide variety, of reasons, including not merely their qualifications, abilities, training, and potential to make a significant difference, for the better, for the organization, they serve and represent, but, often, also, because of factors, such as personality, popularity, something about their personal appearance, constituent’s perceptions, empty promises, rhetoric, and, unfortunately, negative considerations, such as vitriol, biases and prejudices. How someone proceeds, and how individuals DECIDE to proceed, etc, often determines, whether one,…

Why Fact – Checking Must Be Every American’s DUTY?

While we have had several tabloids, for generations, in the vast majority of instances, most of us, viewed them, more, from an entertainment – standpoint, than as a purveyor of true news! These periodicals were generally produced, either on a weekly or monthly basis, and focused on sensational titles, and articles, often about gossip, or celebrities. However, these days, fewer people read papers, and, rather, gather their information, from the Internet.

Government’s Indifference To The Nation’s Health!

We presume that government is at least as aware of the established health risks of smoking – for smokers and non-smokers – as any aware and enlightened human that there is already incontestable evidence from medical research of the link between Smoking and the Big Three: lung cancer, heart disease and chronic bronchitis. That the death rate for lung cancer is 1000 times higher for smokers than for non-smokers. That three out of four bronchitis deaths are caused by smoking (not air pollution, as is often believed). And that, in the age group 45-55, death rates from heart disease are 50 per cent higher for men smokers than for men non-smokers; and 100 per cent higher for women.

Our To-Do List?

Sometimes not getting everything done that you want to get done is a good thing. Especially, when you get done what you need to get done.

Fractures & Sprains – When There Is No Doctor

Oops it could happen anytime, anywhere, without advance warning, even to the fit, the active, and the healthy. A slip or a fall and – ouch – you’re landed (sometimes literally), with a fracture or a sprain. An expert orthopaedic surgeon outlines emergency procedures to help a victim until he can be got to a doctor.

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