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Life Before Birth – Challenges Many Preconceptions

Don’t we love to hear promises of a better world, of greater peace, security and individual happiness? And then, for some women along comes an ‘unwanted pregnancy’. And how dare a man write about such a subject! Well, my main goal here is to offer a sympathetic understanding of women who feel they cannot go ahead with their pregnancy and who are seriously considering an abortion, and how I square this with my pro-life beliefs. In doing so I have a challenge on my hands to explain why I am concerned not to make a woman’s life more burdensome than it is already!

What Are The ACT Requirements To Bring On Your Exam Day?

Take note of these important items to bring with you to your testing center on your ACT exam day. “Armed” and ready, you can be all-set to taking this significant feat that’ll have you moving forward in your academic career.

Predicting The Price Of Gold Is A Fool’s Game

Gold – physical gold – is real money. It is real money because it is a store of value. And its value is constant. The U.S. dollar’s value continues to decline over time. The constantly declining value of the U.S. dollar and people’s perception of it, as well as their expectations for it, determine the price of gold.

A Wayward Marriage? 4 Steps On How To Redirect Its Destiny

It is very unfortunate that most marriages end in divorce. Thankfully there are expert resources that can rescue a marriage in its time of trouble.

Music Licensing – What, How and Why It’s Important for Your Business

How music licensing works. Why it’s important and why you need to ensure you license music correctly for your digital content.

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