Gunshot fired at Austin hospital bridge highlights health care violence

Being Strong When You Feel Like Letting Go

There are times in life when we feel we are our own enemy. We certainly know what has to be done, but the battle is just too strong within, between our hearts and our mind. Who usually wins?… the heart or the mind?

Exercises and Workouts – Four Great Cable Moves To Include In Your Workout

If you are hoping to maximize the results you get from your workout session, it is imperative you add cables to the mix. The reason cables are so beneficial is because they help you maintain a constant level of tension in the muscle at all times. As a result, the overall time under tension is increased: this is an important metric that goes into determining the degree of results you will see. Which cable exercises are best? Let us take a closer look at four of the best cable moves you will want to add to your session next time you are in the gym.

Is the Requirement for Specific Experience Important When You Are Looking for a Sales Agent?

As I research the Internet to search for a potential customer for my business, I find that most business owners who advertise in classified ads are looking for someone with specific experience for the domain they’re looking for. Is this the right approach? What really matters to a business owner to know when a sales man needs space for my business?

Fat and Slow Verses Slim and Agile Business Structure – Who Will Win? You Will Be Surprised

For years companies are trying to create the right balance between a fat and agile organization. During the 1970’s, companies multiplied their own infrastructure whenever they expanded into the international markets, yet left the strategy decision making to the headquarters’ management only. This organizational structure made the company a fat one and not that agile. Today a company’s structure is built on local management teams that are subordinate to a regional management, which in turns is managed by the headquarters. This structure simplifies the decision making process and lessen the bureaucracy, all the while providing the headquarters at the mother country with full control.

Building Resiliency in Your Marriage While Blending a Family: 7 Essentials

The modern family is often a blended family. Many men and women remarry each year and take on the brave task of blending their families. There is always concern for how the children will adjust to new step parents and siblings. There should also be concern for how the marriage will grow, thrive, and survive, while blending families.

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