Half of new Travis County homeowners left out this key document in their appraisal value protest

Easter Blessings

We are all standing on the threshold of one of the most recognized Christian celebrations of the year. For some people, Easter is merely a long weekend. Schools, on the other hand, usually plan a week-long break for the children.

What’s Stopping You? Getting Rid of the Barriers

Often people tell me of unfulfilled dreams that they wish could have been realized. My first response is that it is never too late to chase a goal. My second response is to try to find out what has been and continues to stop them!

Grow Up!

So often I hear individuals talk about how we are living in an age of entitlement where many think that the world owes them not just a living but a luxuries lifestyle. Not true! Those who have this attitude often end up destroying relationships and facing financial problems.

Life Is Short! Think About That

Many of us who raised children in western Canada were hockey parents who knew that travel across large geographic areas in the middle of winter was just part of the game. At the same time, however, we could not escape fear and the possibility that they would be at risk. Deaths and serious injuries resulting from the recent accident involving passengers who were travelling for hockey playoffs in Nipawin this month has sent a shock-wave around the world!

Do You Have Good Boundaries? They Are Important

In the 1960s my father was the Credit Union Manager in a small Saskatchewan town. He believed in people and had interesting ways of helping them get their needs met. I remember one man who would regularly come to our town in order to visit the local pub.

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