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Kashi Vishvanath Temple

Truly a magnificent and very old place of worship for Hindus. It’s in Varanasi (the oldest existing place in the world) or Kashi in UP. The history of this temple is chequered.

Top 4 Restaurants for Having the Best Italian Cuisines in Cape Town

After a day exploring Cape Town, visitors can experience the city’s buzzy culinary and nightlife scenes in its exotic Italian restaurants. From the restaurants that offer authentic African dishes to the restaurants that can amaze you with their sumptuous Italian cuisines, there is no dearth of eating spots in this city.

Omkareshwar Temple – 4th Jyotirlinga

Situated in the Khandwa district in MP, Omkareshwar temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. As I’ve been reiterating that other common pieces of information are easily available on Wikipedia, it’s a matter of interest for the readers and pilgrims if an extra dose of interesting facts are added to the already available legend(s) of Omkareshwar. The great traveller Rahul Sankrityayan called Omkareshwar the most important among all 12 Jyotirlingas, though comparisons in religious matters are often debatable as well as odious.

Assam CTC Black Tea And Orthodox Tea – How Are They Different?

Assam blends are also popular as Darjeeling. CTC and Orthodox are the two variants available in Assam. There are certain differences in their manufacturing process which common man does not know. This article tries to throw some light on it.

Good Cheap Cars in 2018

Good cheap cars are what people want today. The economical price and awesome performance become the most determining factors when choosing a car. In order to help you to find the best cars for the affordable price in 2018, here are some good recommendation cars to choose.

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