Hays County Sheriff’s Office applies for bullet-resistant shield grant

Dealing Successfully With Gatekeepers

Every month, I get emails from my readers asking me how to deal with gatekeepers. They tell me the most frustrating part of prospecting is actually getting through to the decision maker. They get interrogating questions like: “Will he know what this call is about?” And “Is she expecting your call?” And “Have you spoken to him before?”

Yes or No: The Sharing Prices on Your Website Debate

Why displaying fees on your website may provide an advantage over your competition Many small businesses use their web presence to generate leads to feed into their sales process. Each page has a purpose with variations on the intended users the business hopes to appeal to. Each piece of content has its purpose but overall the reason is to entice users to get in touch.

Marketing Strategies: Flapping Beyond the Struggle to Fly

How are marketing strategies for your business like geese taking flight? Geese struggle to get off the water, running and flapping to get into the air. Then they fly for a long time – they know the most work, is getting into flight. Let me share the marketing secret with you…

A Day in the Life of a Person Hooked on Drugs

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that feeds the receptors in the brain, giving a feeling of high. From the first smoke, the first snowball, and the first snort onwards, the individual experiences a roller coaster ride fueled by gigantic “highs” and devastating “falls.” At times, the drug user could experience the feeling of going down the rabbit hole with no respite in sight from the barrage of hallucinations, negative feelings like self-doubt, withdrawal symptoms, etc.

5 Tips to Deal With Morning Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders afflicting the American population. Though these conditions affect roughly 40 million adults, they are also highly treatable. Individuals who experience the extreme bouts of anxiety from the moment they wake up are unable to effectively accomplish the tasks they had planned out for the day. Compared to their healthy peers, the individuals with anxiety disorders face rather higher levels of anxiety in the morning. Therefore, it becomes important to find healthy coping mechanisms and a routine that reduce the negative impact of anxiety.

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