Hollywood star Sidney Poitier dies at the age of 94 | FOX 7 Austin

Does Money Make You Successful?

When people want to become entrepreneurs they don’t actually think about the work. They think about the freedom.

DJT: The Man for the Moment

That Americans have elevated a showman such as DJT to center stage demonstrates that the crisis phase of our social cycle is upon us. Americans have a choice to make: continue down the self-destructive path DJT highlights or let go of hate and fear and begin again. The choice is one we each have to make; including you.

What Is Wrong With India Being Declared a Hindu Rashtra?

India is passing through a baptism by fire as the Muslims, other minorities and large sections of Hindus castigate the present government for ‘intolerance’ in the Indian state. The situation turned turtle when the Bharatiya Janta Party( BJP) came to power in the Indian parliament with a splendid majority. This had never happened for the last 67 years when the Congress party in the main ruled India.

The Simple Power of Small Increments

Making changes in our food can seem like a big inconvenience. But it can actually be easy and straightforward if you make changes in small increments — in the same way that you might with workouts.

Parenting Tips From the Number 1 Parenting Program in the World!

Parents, we have to take care of ourselves. Equally important, we also have to learn the teenage language. It’s different than ours.

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