Hotel revenues from business travel still below pre-COVID levels, report shows

Slow Is Smooth and Smooth Is Meditative

What’s the difference between a monk’s thoughts and your own. It’s a question with many answers. One difference gives us clues as to how to better meditate by shaping your thinking.

Necessary Tips for Hardwood Floor Owners

Taking care of hardwood floors is important if you want them to last a long time. If you are installing new hardwood flooring, it is equally important to develop a proper cleaning and maintenance routine to increase longevity.

God Speaks to You, Don’t You Know?

One of the mysteries of faith in Jesus must be how God speaks to us through His Spirit. Especially for new believers the ‘aliveness’ of God must be a conundrum. And don’t many believers like to intellectualise how God speaks! This article is about how God speaks to everyone through the everyday issues of life.

Ode to a Mother’s Love, Wisdom and Care

My wife and I argued recently. To be honest, I upset her with something I said, and, though I knew it in the moment, I allowed conflict to ensue, not that she fought. She simply protected herself, which she had every right to do, giving me time to reflect. I soon apologised, and we moved on. But as I reflected, I discovered something about my wife that is generally true of all women, and I feel led to share that, particularly in the light of Mother’s Day.

Why Others Should FOLLOW

No one can effectively lead, in a vacuum, and, therefore, the most relevant, effective leaders, must clearly demonstrate, they are worthy of leading, and their stakeholders should FOLLOW them! This is often, easier, said, than done, because it requires a wide variety of skills, combined with a can – do, positive attitude, and a willingness to expand one’s personal comfort zone, and make a viable difference, for the better. Remember, it’s only change, if it’s not, for, the better!

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