House subcommittee to have 1st UFO hearing in 54 years

Best Places for a Night Visit in Jaipur

A city’s nightlife defines the people that dwell in it. Nights bring out the best of the lost places in Jaipur, as it does with every other city in this world.

7 Best Things To Do (and To Visit) During Your Holidays in Tuscany

Discover the Most Beautiful Places to Visit during a trip in Tuscany. From Pisa to Florence, passing through Siena an Lucca, a day tour in Tuscany should include also a Wine Tasting Experience. Here are the best things to visit and to do during your vacation in Italy.

6 Tips to Sell Your House Fast

This article provides some unique tips on how to sell your home fast. When selling your house quickly is a priority, there are some special considerations you should be mindful of.

Propaganda, Goebbels and Our Era

“Many roads lead to violence or hatred: discouragement and loss of hope, inertia and apathy, the development of bitterness and grudge leading to violence, not always the same in quality and modes of expression. The end result is a diffused discomfort that can turn into extreme violence ” Claudine Haroche Paul Joseph Goebbels was Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany in 1933-1945. The Professor of Psychology at Yale University, Leonard Doob in 1950, based on published and unpublished excerpts from Goebbels’ diary, summed up Goebbels’ basic principles of propaganda. These principles have been studied extensively by communication researchers and they are considered particularly applicable in the digital world but also in politics.

Real Estate Investment Outlook

Although it appears to have been mainly technical factors that triggered the correction in the stock market, inflation concerns have been the major cause for plummeting stock market prices. We have outlined such a scenario of inflation and its impact on real estate investments.

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