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Four Major Benefits of Podcasting

With the popularity of podcasting exceeding all other venues of communication today, many people wonder what the benefit would be to them for starting their own podcast. This article will discuss four major benefits that I have identified for venturing into podcasting.

Common Mistakes In Podcasting

New podcasters usually will make the same mistakes when first starting out. In this article, I will cover the four most common mistakes you need to watch out for!

Who Listens to Podcasts?

Who are these people that actually listen to podcasts? How do they listen? Why do they listen? Where do they listen? These are all great questions and the answer may surprise your. This article will provide the answers.

Knowing The “Why” of Your Podcast

Many podcasters are unable to answer the question of “why” they want to have a podcast. But if you can answer this question and have a clear understanding of your “why,” you will become a better podcaster.

Steps To Starting Your Own Podcast

Starting your own podcast is a great goal. The steps to doing so are really easy to implement, if you know what they are and the order in which to achieve them. This article will give you a brief outline of the required steps.

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