How did COVID-19 impact mass, micro-transit options?

Is There A Perfect Time, To Buy, A House?

As someone, who has been a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for over a decade, as well as having, also, had a considerable degree of experience, in financial sales and advising, as a financial planner, and Registered Representative, Supervisor, Manager, and executive, I have often, been asked, when/ if, there is a perfect time, to buy. Whether this is related to buying stocks, bonds, or other investments, or buying a home, the attempt to market – time, has rarely worked, consistently. While, with other investment, a disciplined approach, works best, in most cases, in buying…

Six Weeks To A Sexy Stomach

Jump-start your fitness programme with an ab routine that’s guaranteed to work! Many women come up in the gym and ask about “training secrets to success.

America Won’t Achieve Its Greatness, Unless We Focus On Common Good

The MSNBC host, Chris Matthews, host of the show, Hardball, has written several books, and, one, extremely relevant one, to this topic, is Tip and The Gipper, written about the personal relationship, between, President Ronald Reagan, and Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neal. The theme of this discussion was, although the President and the Speaker, disagree, about, nearly every political issue, they formed a close, personal relationship and bond. These two political adversaries realized, it’s okay, to agree, to disagree, while remaining civil, at the same time.

Why We Need To FEEL, A Leader Cares?

Think about what determines your first impression, of someone you meet, and/ or, come into contact with! Why do you believe and trust, one type of individual, while proceeding, with far less trust, and willingness to listen, to another? Therefore, it should not be considered, at all, surprising, our first impressions of a particular leader, often determines our perceptions, etc, and until/ unless, any person makes you believe and FEEL, he truly cares about you, the group, and the common good, instead of merely reciting the same – old, same – old, nonsense, promises, and empty rhetoric, and seeking popularity, and/ or,…

Armor Up: What’s Holding You Back As a Leader

I always thought that it was fear that holds us back from being the leaders we want to be: bold, courageous, inspiring. Research has found otherwise.

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