How did COVID impact Austin traffic? 3 key takeaways

The Most Important Aspects Of SMART Homes

So much has been written about the availability and necessities of SMART homes, but, while many of these gizmos and gadgets, seem attractive, different, and fun, the reality is, some are much more essential, and make more sense, than others. While, so – called, smart homes, have many advantages, there are issues, to consider, such as, necessity, time savings, cost savings, security considerations, home maintenance, etc. With that in mind, this article will briefly consider, evaluate, discuss, and review, using the mnemonic approach, a few of these, and whether, they fit your needs, budgets, life – style, etc.

How Leaders INSPIRE Constituents?

While many seek positions of leadership, and are, either, elected, selected, or ascend to these, very few, end up, becoming true leaders, for a variety of reasons. Effectively leading requires a combination of a well – developed, skill – set, and a true, can – do, positive attitude. While I have often, written articles, and a book, as well as hundreds of seminars, training sessions, and consultations, in this area, and emphasize, the essence and necessities of leadership planning, what often differentiates between the rare leader, and the rest – of – the – pack, is whether, and how, one INSPIRES stakeholders,…

The Me – Too Movement: Relevant/ Needed, Too Late, Or Rhetoric?

In the last year, or two, we have witnessed, far more public awareness, of the harassment, etc, experienced, by so many women, and the accused mis – deeds, of many public leaders, and/ or well – known individuals. This has brought about a movement, referred to as, Me – Too, which has created a Social Media hash – tag, and the exposure of many people, which has led to, embarassment, resignation, and/ or legal ramifications. However, it seems, enforcement of this, is quite selective, where some accused, have quickly been exposed, and punished, while others, who proceed with a denial -…

Renewed Grief Healing Courage

A grief happening can cause horrendous uncertainty and sorrow. Overcoming and healing from grief requires tenacity in purpose. In your grief healing efforts try again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and forever. Every day saddle up your healing pony and ride into the unknown with renewed resolve and courage.

Find Your Success Sweet Spot!

Most people don’t show anyone their scars and bruises or share their “up to their eyeballs in the dirty stuff”, real and RAW stories of what the journey to success is sometimes like. They usually reveal the rainbows and glitz of it instead. The pretty and SHINY version. When only the SHINY and glammed-up version, smelling like roses is revealed it seems off and PHONEY, like they’re disingenuous or hiding something.

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