‘I just couldn’t believe what happened’: Tesla crashes into Central Texas garage

Fighting Jock Itch in the Amateur Athlete

Any guy can come down with jock itch, whether they’re an athlete or not. But as the name implies, it is a condition which is perhaps more common if a guy is an athlete – even an amateur one. So men who enjoy a weekly football game with their buds or who spend time shooting hoops at the neighborhood gym may be at an increased risk – especially if time is spent in a locker room before or afterward.

Tips For Taking Nature and Wildlife Photos With a Digital Camera

While nature and wildlife is all around us photographing it can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things to do. While it is mostly the skill of the photographer that creates quality shots, the lens and camera are a vital factor. Remember to read the manual to understand all the different features that your camera has. Next up, play with it…

Regaining Faith

My natural belief has always been that most people are intrinsically good and that I have been blessed as a recipient of heart-centered love and kindness from others on a regular basis. As someone who takes pride in seeking the positive aspect in situations and in others, otherwise referred to, as a “Pollyanna”, a new self-awareness I’ve observed within myself, and others, has been quite disturbing. Recently I’ve noticed that my natural faith in humanity and the goodness in people have been waning just a bit at times.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Part I – Karma Yoga

Q: Describe Yoga Ans: From verse 11-30 knowledge of the Self knowledge (Sankhya buddhi), is revealed. Verse (31-37) explains how this knowledge destroys all bondages, removes confusion, fear and grief leading us to a state of enlightenment. Yoga buddhi is that attitude which leads us to Self knowledge (Sankhya buddhi), to the state of enlightenment.

Am I Shy, Unfriendly, Antisocial, or Am I An Introvert?

Lately it seems that many of us are trying to classify ourselves, and others, as an introvert or an extrovert when in reality it’s not always distinctly one, or the other. Yet, all too often introversion comes with a negative connotation. Frequently we judge, criticize, or label ourselves, or others, as snobbish, pretentious, unfriendly, antisocial, or just downright disconnected for being quiet, or not talking and interacting enough.

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