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COVID-19’s Impact on the Economy of India

The Covid-19 epidemic is one of the major disasters in the history of pandemics. The impact of corona virus pandemic is very disturbing and it has spared no one with its ill effects. There has been a major increase in the death rates across the world.

Cause, Effect and “?” or Karma

We all love to win, some feel a need to cheat, a few feel the pangs of honesty. One thing is for certain though: We all experience the same cause, effect, karma, or “question mark of reality” ultimately. Cheating or honest, reality is here and we all experience it for good or for bad, we all pay the same dues for what we take whatever road we take ultimately.

Harmonious Garden Sanctuary

Combining architectural elements and old world design into a harmonius, pleasing garden sanctuary where you can relax and sip a cup of tea or grill on your barbeque when your grandkids visit, is the vision for a lot of us today. Spending all your time at home, working from home we need to create spaces that are relaxing and cohesive with nature, the garden being our connection to Mother Earth. Harmony with nature, gardening, growing your own vegetables, raking dry leaves or even watering the plants are activities that are so relaxing and nurturing

Eclectic Farmhouse Decor and Furniture

Extravagant, intriguing and full of surprises, eclectic farmhouse interior imparts a free spirited wily nature that mixes different cultures and design styles. A vagabond mix of color and texture, rustic vintage and cutting edge modern, simple yet extravagant, the design speaks to your unique personality of thinking outside the box. Although it is freedom of the free spirited and conflicting ideas, it is one of the most difficult styles to get right. Clashing tones, mixing colors and textures, yet appealing to the eye, there is an inner method to the eclectic design style

California Cannabis Licensed Distro With Transportation Lic Commuting Fraud

The new California Cannabis industry, has been a difficult process for many cannabis business owners. Some of them getting stomped on by others in the race to the finish line. Are you handing off your product to a trustful source?

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