International High School may move from east Austin campus

What He Did for Me

People who don’t believe in God, Jesus, Heaven or hell don’t like being preached to. The best way to share faith is to express what it means to you personally. The other person can take or leave it. This is how I share my faith. Just like I do with “Merry Christmas”, here is my “Happy Easter”

When Can Betting Wrong Be the Right Choice? Only in the Casino Game of Craps

So how is it that betting the wrong way can be the right choice? Because your chances of winning a roll are slightly better than losing. The exiting casino table game of craps offers players two choices while playing, these are called Right Betting and Wrong Betting. Right Bettors are players that make various wagers in hopes that the shooter wins the dice roll, while the Wrong Bettors are hoping to win their bets with a shooter loss to the house. Be forewarned that if you’re going to choose Wrong Bettor strategy, the 98% of Right Bettors won’t exactly welcome you with open arms.

Just Why And How Did Jesus Die For Others?

Easter is not the only time of the year to ask this question. What do you think of it; is it the most imponderable of all, or have you got it sorted? From fickle crowds, to hostile religious leaders, to a weak-willed Roman Governor, to a popular messianic movement that drew the increasing ire of the powerful religious elite because Jesus was working without a licence from them. And then there are Jesus’ own reasons, because he knew beforehand, both the public scandalous nature of his death by Roman crucifixion, and the goal and purpose of his death – and that has to be the most central and vital issue of all.

Why Moisturizer Is Essential

Moisturizer is essential to your skincare routine, even if you think that your oily skin is not dehydrated or your sensitive skin reacts negatively to creams. This article explains why you should use moisturizer every day.

How to Overcome the Deep Anxiety That Comes With Dental Procedures

Many people have suffered traumatic experiences in the dental office. For others such as children, it is the fear of what to expect that makes them anxious about what they will experience at the dental office. The problem with this anxiety is that it hampers your oral health.

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