Judge overseeing cases for indicted APD officers recuses herself in 4 cases

Is Our Life Defined By Ancestral Trauma?

A number of years ago, a few articles were written about how trauma from slavery and the holocaust can be passed down. What this means, then, is that it doesn’t matter how many years have passed since these things took place, as what happened can have an effect on their descendents.

How Leaders Focus On GOALS

One of the main reasons, we often. witness a dearth of quality, genuine. meaningful leadership, is because, many of us, pay, far too little attention, on the specific individual’s reasons, for wanting to lead, and what his essential focus, is on!

Home Staging on a Budget

Staging is an essential, and cost-effective, part of the home selling process. Staging your home to show off its qualities can only add to your final selling price. On average, people receive $2 in increased sale price for every $1 they put into staging a home. When staging your home for sale, there are five golden rules to take into consideration as you work your way through each room of your house.

Personal Encounters in the Presence of God

What makes faith real? Many things. Not least, actual encounters with the risen Christ. These below are a sample of the personal encounters I’ve had in the experienced Presence of God.

Just As We See Through Our Minds, We Also Listen Through Our Minds & Not Our Ears

Not too long ago, I was at a shareholders’ meeting for a business I became part of about a year ago. There were many of us there, but I have not met most of them as the communication was mostly done via text and there was one key person I communicated most with.

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