July passenger totals show continued growth at Austin-Bergstrom airport

Do You Know Why English Has Attained the Status of International Language?

Most of you must agree to the fact that wherever you move around the globe, you will surely find someone who knows English. Isn’t it? Because of the growing dominance of the dialect around the world, the need for learning the same gets intense. Hence, it is necessary to communicate successfully in the global context.

Choosing, Taking Care of Men’s Suits

Formal wear, formal clothing, or men’s suits general fashion term used to describe men’s wear. These worn in formal occasions, wedding, social gatherings, business and corporate clothing. Men’s must own at least one suit his lifetime. They must invest high-quality suit. Men can not sustain cheap as what popular saying says. Hence knowing best suit essential. A right fabric for men’s suits an important part to consider. The best men’s suits made of the following fabrics: polyester, rayon, merino wool, silk, cotton, seersucker, worsted wool, gabardine, and linen. A men’s suit made of wool, common positive choice. But, each fabric own unique quality and durability.

Why Our Leaders Need Better JUDGMENT

Wouldn’t it be nice, if those we elect, select, or ascend to positions of leadership, consistently, acted more wisely, and, their wisdom, actually transformed them into better, more meaningful, effective leaders? Every great leader, at some point, found it necessary, to make a well – considered decision, in a timely manner, and often, whether those decisions are made, wisely, and with relevance and sustainability, is, precisely what differentiate our greatest leaders, from the rest of the pack! In four decades of identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, I have come to realize,…

Quality Leadership Focuses On Shared VISION

One of the most important things, and lessons, a quality leader must learn and understand, is his vision, is only valuable, when/ if the focus is based on making it so very important and essential, constituents and stakeholders, both actual and potential, adopt it, as their own, and buy – into it, so fully, it furthered their commitment, and involvement! Those, in positions of leadership, who are ready, willing and able to articulate their message, so effectively, and, in such a motivational manner, their stakeholders end up, sharing their VISION, and adopting it as their own, consistently become the best, most…

Lifestyle Blogging For Money

Do you want to live on the beach? I know many people who really do want to live on a beach. I have two daughters that would give their eyeteeth and a glass of wine to live on the beach, and I couldn’t care less about the beach. But a cabin in the mountains? Oh yeah… Let’s talk!

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