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How To Combat Soft And Hard Power In Negotiations – Negotiation Tip of the Week

Do you know how to combat soft and hard power in negotiations? Can you identify when either is being used in a negotiation?

Checklist For Leadership Planning: 5 Keys

The requirement and necessity of effective, quality leadership, is developing the willingness, discipline, and ability, to take the time, and make a concerted effort, to become, the finest planner, possible! In my, over four decades, of involvement, in nearly every aspect of leadership, from identifying, training, developing, and consulting, to serving in several position, I have learned, the primary emphasis, must be, effective, professionally – designed, planning. In fact, I feel, so strongly about this concept, I have named my company, to indicate and emphasize, that idea, and approach, However, many organizations today, both, for – profit, as well as,…

The Basics Of POSITIVE Leadership

Before you consider, serving, as a leader, wouldn’t it make sense, your personal objectives, and reasons, were focused on making a significant, relevant difference, for the better? It appears, these days, many organizations, seem to be confronting, a dearth of quality leaders, and, therefore, proceed, to merely accept, anyone, with a heart – beat, rather than seeking, the right person, for the position. Often, an essential factor, which is overlooked, or not considered, is, how important, it is, to identify individuals, who have the best chance, of providing POSITIVE leadership!

Hump Day of Holy Week

In the middle of Holy Week, the Disciples of Jesus were riding on a cloud. From their mountain top they could not see what lay ahead for them. It was a major trial, a great test of their faith. Consider their ecstasy and their devastating trial which followed with me in this short piece.

Celebrities: Are Celebrities Being Used To Indoctrinate Children?

If someone was to think about a singer or an actor, for instance, they could say that these people have one purpose. When it comes to the former, they could say that their purpose is to sing and, when it comes to the latter, they could say that their purpose is to act.

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