Landowner shares concerns about Matterhorn Express Pipeline Project

What Every Man Needs to Know About Blue Balls

Some people believe that blue balls are a myth. But it’s actually a big penis problem that can lead to lots of discomfort. Here’s what a guy needs to know.

Why Is an Adult Child Unable to Live in the Present?

This article examines why it is difficult for adult children to live in the present. It discusses what keeps them pinned to their pasts.

Penn Researchers Discover Gene That Makes Alcohol Intolerable

What makes alcohol intolerable to humans? Penn State researchers might have found the answer. They have discovered a gene that produces unfavorable response to alcohol. Kelsey Johnson, Penn Cell and Molecular Biology doctoral student and Benjamin Voight, a pharmacology professor, have made the pathbreaking discovery.

Understanding Substance Abuse in Women

Substance abuse affects men and women differently. Though men are more likely to get addicted to drugs or alcohol, women are more susceptible to suffering from its medical, social and legal consequences. Compared to men, women use these substances for different reasons and respond differently to them. Simply put, when it comes to abusing harmful substances and understanding their effects, gender does play an important role.

Sharing Problems, Seeking Guidance Make It Easier to Deal With Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is one of the most complex brain disorders. Usually a combination of psychiatric illness and substance use disorder (SUD), it is comparatively severer and more complex than either of the two disorders as it involves the interplay between two equally complex conditions.

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