Liberty Hill landowners not happy about proposed Corridor I-2

If We Can’t See God, Does It Mean He’s Not Here?

For thousands of years men and women have believed in invisible entities. Civilizations of every hue and in every geographical location have constructed myths about these entities and called it religion. The earth’s natural phenomena are frequently the cause of superstitious beliefs. If we can’t explain something, we tend to make up an explanation. Then along came a religion that was different from the rest; Jesus, a man who claimed to be sent from God, indeed a physical manifestation of God, was witnessed by many and his teachings widely reported. This new religion was so convincing that within three centuries it broke the bounds of its geographical limitations, set the known world alight and eventually changed the established religion of the Roman Empire. Today, Christianity rules the lives of billions. But still nobody has seen the God whom Jesus claimed to represent. Is this a problem?

Quitting Smoking And Guinea Pigs

Some time ago I was speaking with a young women who is a smoker. She knew that I’m a quit specialist, and jokingly told me she would see me in a few years, and that she was young and could quit any time she wanted to. I concealed a smile while wondering how many times I had heard people delude themselves in the same way.

Consumers and Craft Beer Packaging Have a Symbiotic Relationship

Labels sell the beer, however, they can be contradictory. One label is designed to be a minimalist style another is wild with colors, fonts and images. Both can be huge success stories. The best way to know what will work for a brand is to test. Even then there are many hidden factors that dictate how research data is interpreted. Hidden information is revealed using biometric research, which means the subconscious can really show what designs and information on a label stimulates a buy decision.

Avoiding Dumb Debt at All Costs

The quickest way to a financial mess is to borrow for stuff that loses its value. You not only pay more for such items but the item is worth less than when you acquired it because it is no longer new once you take possession of it and therefore you will receive less than what you paid for it. This is called “Dumb Debt.”

5 Surprisingly Simple Ways You Can Burn Extra Calories From Home

You don’t have to go to the gym, or even outdoors, to burn calories. As a matter of fact, you can burn all the calories you want right from the comfort of your home. With that being said, here are 5 surprisingly simple ways you can burn calories from home.

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