Lightning capital of the US goes to this Central Texas city

What If There Are No Introverts?

Here’s a radical thought: what if there are no introverts? What if we’re normally energised by others? If you think you’re not, read this.

No Wind, No Rain But

Something new and strange is about to happen to you! Those that will survive the current global distress and chaos are those that will boldly walk on the word of God by faith. They will be ready to act and obey even when they see no physical reason to do so. They will move on his command when there is no sign or manifestation to rely upon. Yes, God uses signs and manifestations to lead or demonstrate his sovereignty, but sometimes you also see him moving without them. He is not tied to signs. He is not tied patterns, methods, time, events, history, opinions and locations.

Germany and the Child Sex Rings

Germany has just busted one of the largest and most vicious child sex rings in history. It is a network of more than 30,000 pedophiles whose activities include sharing child pornography and exchanging advice on how to drug and rape young children and even babies. They share information on what sedatives one should give children in order to abuse them. Sure, this is the most depraving thing I have ever heard – adults sedating babies, children to rape them? Their victims include three-month-old babies. My God! It is bad enough to rape, worse to have sex with children and then the highest form of wickedness to drug, rape and film them. I strongly believe that all those involved in these most despicable acts do not deserve to be called human beings or even live with amongst us. And for such a number of people to be involved in this shame shows how our society and values need a very urgent rescue from depravity.

Blood in Your Hands

Killing an innocent man is one of the worst mistakes you will ever make in this life. It can hurt you, your family and everything around you forever. It can permanently hurt your conscience – keeping you perpetually miserable. It can spiritually hurt and hunt you, your children, your family and your land for generations. Blood is powerful. Very powerful! The life of a being we are told is in the blood. Because people don’t understand this they go about ‘wasting’ others. Today, the spilling of blood means nothing to this generation. People in the occult use their wives, children, parents, relations and others for rituals. They sacrifice fellow humans to Satan and the demons just for power, position and popularity.

Hiroshima: Has the World Learnt Anything?

Seventy-five years ago, precisely on August 6, 1945 that first deadly and highly devastating uranium atomic bomb known as the “Little Boy” was dropped by the Americans on Japanese city of Hiroshima – a city of about 350,000. Then on the 9th, that is three days after, another plutonium bomb tagged “Fat Man” was unleashed on Nagasaki. These two blasts killed more than 300,000 people. Some died instantly while others were incapacitated from the radiation from the explosions. And there are also others that survived but are yet to recover from the physical and emotional trauma. Thanks to the then United States President Harry Truman, who immediately stopped the bombings after seeing the devastation of the first two otherwise Japan would have been totally wiped out. And also the wise Japanese emperor who horridly, unconditional surrendered. But did it stop at that? Though these actions effectively brought to an end to the Second World War, the Soviets success in testing their own nuclear bomb 1949 signalled the beginning of the harrowing, long cold war and the nuclear race.

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