Man accused of East 6th Street homicide borrowed family member’s car on day of shooting

I Meditate In The Sauna

During a call that I had with Errol Campbell, he said that he hadn’t been able to use the sauna the day before due to a minor problem at the hotel nearby. He went on to say that he meditates when he uses the sauna.

What Is the Most Important New Technology for Solving World Problems?

Years ago people of one country had to communicate with another country through analog telephones, fax and hand-written letters which was time consuming. With the advent of much newer technologies, it is possible now to correspond with one another conveniently and happily. The article focuses on this aspect. So look inside to find out.

Effort Is the Secret to Success

Effort wins in the long run. When tired and frustrated remember the muddy face of Teddy Roosevelt calling for the STRENUOUS LIFE as a must.

3 Ways to Survive and Thrive After an Unexpected Job Layoff or Firing

If you’re working a job these days, it’s pretty likely for one reason or another that you’ll face either getting fired or being laid off. In days gone by, you could rely on being employed with a company for as long as you wanted to work there. Not so much nowadays; you’re doing well to be with an employer a minimum of a year or a little more.

Critical Thinking: Does The Establishment Think That People Are Too Stupid To Think For Themselves?

Not too long ago, a lot was said about “fake news”, and how this was causing all kinds of problems. Along with blaming the Russians, “fake news” has been seen as one of the reason why Trump won and Brexit took place.

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