Man accused of shooting Bastrop County deputy arrested

Cleaning And Thinking (The Best Action Article You Will Ever Read)

When things get stagnant, there is a reorganization needed. With that said, I begin this article. When your thinking, acting and doing reach an impasse, something needs to happen. That something is growth. Are you surprised or shocked at my basic answer?

The Blue Balls Myth: Fact or Fiction?

The Blue Balls Myth has been around longer than the Holy Grail and Nessie combined. But just how much fact is there to this myth? Read on to find out about the reality of blue balls and how to fix it.

Masturbation: 8 Good Reasons

The fact is, a guy doesn’t really need and justifications for his masturbation engagement. But for those who feel the need, there are numerous good reasons to masturbate.

Relieving a Sore Penis After Penile Stretching

It’s no news that sore penis is bad news – and sometimes penis stretching methods do cause some residual soreness. Knowing how to treat that soreness can be a big help.

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Why You Need to Invest In Your Health Every Day

Health advice is all around for a good reason. People are pushing their ideas because there is a demand for it. It is more than just interesting material to many people; often it is crucial information we all need to be made aware of. Your health and well-being become a more relevant issue with each passing day. Nobody is getting any younger, and few of us are preparing for being older. You need to invest in your health every single day. A little goes a long way, especially when you consider the benefits you will gain and the health problems you will prevent.

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