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How to Tell Someone They Are Hurting Your Feelings

Do you often get hurt by what people say? Don’t suffer in silence. Let them know gently and tactfully that they are hurting your feelings. How do you do that? Look inside to find out.

Multi-Dimensional If You Please

Many people are unaware of the new energy field Planet Earth is moving into. It is commonly referred to as 4D or the 4th Dimension. It is accepted among scholars that our planet has moved from the first and original dimension to the second and finally into the third dimension we have existed in for slightly more than 36,000 years. That is a long, long time to develop habits, ideas and foundations for civilization to progress through. Every reader was born into and existed in the 3rd dimensional energy field. What does this change mean and why is it important to us, the planets inhabitants?

What Is a Minecraft Server?

You can play Minecraft, the game, as a single player or in a multiplayer environment. If you want to play multiplayer, what you need to do is connect to a computer through the Internet or a local network. The other computer you are going to connect to is known as a Minecraft Server. Let’s know more.

Make Thick, Delicious Yogurt in Under 10 Minutes (Hands-On-Time)

Have you ever tried making yogurt at home? If yes, you must be aware of all the challenges of making it thick and delicious – similar to the store bought one. If you don’t know the right way of making, it may turn out runny or sour and the excess water needs straining which also strains out the liquid probiotics. Once you learn how to make it properly, there is no reason you won’t make it regularly.

The Ideal Pressure Cookware Should Be Made From A Non-Toxic Material

Unglazed primary clay or pure clay is a naturally inert material that can be harvested from earth’s surface. It has absolutely no metals or chemical toxins. If no glazes are used, it can make a 100% non-toxic cooking pot that is ideal for pressure cooking. Pure Clay has been used for making cookware for ages until a few decades ago when metal cookware came into practice.

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