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Men Cannot Kill the Real God?

Easter is a rigmarole of confusion and illogical thought that millions fall for without question. The human mind is a quagmire or bog, which, like quicksand, when something sinks deep enough into it retrieval is almost impossible. Over centuries of man’s desire to know and understand who or what the Great Creator is he has produced nothing but fanciful and impossible notions, such as the Son of God.

Easter and the Menstrual Cycle

How many have joined the dots between Easter and the menstrual cycle that precedes the fertility of the female? As a graduate in archaeology and anthropology, it was my research into the origin of religion that exposed it. From graves resembling wombs, the breasts that lined temples in ancient sites, and the pornographic sexual images in temples, the evidence unraveled into an act of sex and fertility following the death of males.

Is It Bad to Take Green Tea During Menstruation? Myth or Reality?

Effects of green tea during menstruation – Do you have doubts about the effects of green tea on menstruation? There are those who affirm that tea delays the period and on the other hand, those who affirm that green tea during menstruation calms menstrual cramps. Discover in this article what is true about it.

How Does Green Tea Work to Accelerate Metabolism and Burn Fat?

A natural thermogenic, ideal to lose weight safely – The benefits that green tea brings to health are well known at this point. But, perhaps not so well known is the way in which it is done. Learn through this article how it can help you lose weight.

Losing Weight With Pu Erh Red Tea

Many of the properties attributed to red tea come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). A medicine based on five elements, which divides food into very hot, hot, neutral, fresh and cold. From the scientific point of view they are not proven, although, if something can not be denied, it is that so many years of observation are enough time to discover the properties of a plant.

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