March bird forecast with Travis Audubon

What I Saw in the Spirit

A few months ago I saw what turned out to be the invitation by our President to invite between 100 and 120 Evangelical pastors to the White House for a dinner. What followed that revelation and the dinner was astounding. I saw a revival break out across the world with great worship and dancing in the Spirit.

Smegma Symptoms: A Normal Male Complaint?

Smegma is a dirty little thing that can turn painful if left unmitigated. Here are some smegma symptoms, causes, and how to clean things up.

The Magical Life

You have got to believe in something inside and outside of yourself, I realize that, for life to mean anything. But, here is the catch to that simple sentence: You have got to think for yourself about what you believe in, you have got to know for yourself if it works or not. The responsibility to lead yourself in where you go falls on you as it falls on me.

The Benefits of Dent Whitening Procedure

The teeth are among the most visible parts of the body. Apparently, they assist in expressing joy through smiling and laughing. However, an individual will only be able to confidently smile at people if the teeth are white and attractive.

What Are the Benefits of Dental CT Scans

The work of the dentists is never easy without the use of special equipment. Most of the work done by the experts revolves around the diagnosis. Unless accurate diagnosis is done, the treatment will not be beneficial.

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