Mark Zuckerberg takes Austin into ‘metaverse’ vision at SXSW

Child Abuse: How Can Someone Develop A Sense Of Safety And Security After Being Abused?

In the same way that a house will need strong foundations, a human being will also need strong foundations. When strong foundations are laid down for a house, this part will be strong enough to handle the other levels that are added, and, when it comes to a human being, strong foundations will be what enable them to grow and develop in the right way.

“How To Prevent Negotiator Anger Backlash That Kill Deals” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

“That offer angered me. They killed the deal by displaying that they had no respect for me.

In The Final Analysis, All We Really Have Is Each Other

It is not the size of our bank account, nor our status or achievements that matter in the end. What truly matters are our relationships and the lives we touch along the way. Material possessions are vehicles to help us fulfil our life’s purpose, they should not become our life story, since we are likely to be disappointed if we lose them or cease to identify with them.

Our Town

Folks move in and folks move out, from our little town, I reckon some ain’t got what it takes, for them to settle down! We got our share of rascals, as do the rest I ‘spose, Why I hear tell that deviltry, is sproutin’ like a rose! Now for those who think that deviltry, is somethin’ to regret, I Think you are too young, or that you just forget!

Awe Inspiring Reports of Reiki Healing Severe Nerve Damage

As part of the Medical Reiki Master Community, I’m repeatedly amazed by the healing power of Reiki. This group continuously shares amazing outcomes of the healing capabilities of Reiki in multitudes of medical cases. There are even cases that are oftentimes documented medical issues where the patient is not given a lot of hope from their doctor for a complete recovery. I’ve been given permission by a fellow Certified Medical Reiki Master, Jody Wolfe, to share her own success story along with the success story of her client, which is very near and dear to her heart.

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