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Smegma: Know When It Strikes and How to Treat It

Keeping things fresh and clean in the nether regions doesn’t have to be cumbersome. When things get funky, it’s important to know the right smegma treatments to make things right again. Here are a few ways to get lax hygiene under control.

You Think Identity Theft Couldn’t Happen To You? Well Think Again!

The Phantoms of Identity Theft are real. Equifax,Target, Facebook,Yahoo, have been compromised. The list of compromised companies are endless. Yet there are people who still believe Identity Theft is not reality. But then with what I have been seeing in the news media regarding our border wall, and other social issues, why would I be surprised with such a mindset that doesn’t believe the Phantoms of Identity lurk in the shadows of our lives.

When I Tell My Husband That His Cheating Wrecked My Self-Esteem, He Claims His Confidence Is Low Too

“One of the biggest struggles that I am having after my husband’s affair is that of my self-respect. I’ve always considered myself to be a strong person. I don’t let people walk over me and I speak up when I feel that I’m not being heard or am being taken advantage of. I like to think that I am competent personally and professionally. Now that I am considering trying to work on my marriage after my husband cheated on me, frankly, I think less of myself. I see myself as a meek housewife with no self-respect. Granted, I could support myself and one the biggest reasons that I am still here is because of my kids, but still. I shared this with my husband and I was hoping that he would tell me that this was silly because I was strong and that I was certainly not letting him off easy. But do you know what his response to me was? That he understands because he feels less self-respect too. What? I am the one who is staying when I am the injured party. I was the one who was betrayed. So why is he suffering from lower self-esteem?”

Increasing Penis Sensitivity: A User’s Guide

Increasing penis sensitivity is an issue close to the hearts of most men. Here’s a guide to increasing penis sensitivity for a healthy sex life.

Seven Varicocele Symptoms and How to Deal

Scrotum been looking a little more veiny than usual lately? Peek these seven varicocele symptoms to see if it’s to blame.

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