More than 60 ATCEMS sworn staff members out due to COVID-19

5 Useful Tips For Winter Camping With Your Dog

Going on an outdoor adventure this winter season? Don’t worry about bringing your furry friend along – just follow these tips for winter camping with your dog!

2 Warm and Hearty Meals Perfect For Winter Camping

Camping during the winter season is a fascinating experience any camper should experience at least once. Enjoy the experience even more with these warm and hearty meals perfect for winter camping!

Here’s Why Problems Stick Around (and What to Do About Them)

I make two claims about your problems. You might not believe me, but I’m right. And even if you do, it only helps when you know this.

Yahoo Boys or Ritualists?

The current trend of discovering abandoned corpses on our streets and drainages everyday is indeed very worrisome. If it is not a bagged body, it will be dismembered parts, raped corpses with missing underwear or bodies with all the private parts, eyes, tongues, wrists, hearts or bowels carefully removed. Then, I hope you also read about young ladies left deformed or showing signs of madness after sleeping with these men or some exotic cars throwing them off very early or late at night. The other day I watched a lady narrating how she became very ill and was about to die after sleeping with one of those ‘big boys’. She was recruited by another lady friend now suspected to be working for the yahoo guy. She lures people that he uses for sacrifice.

Odumeje and the Native Doctors (4)

Those who serve Satan do not appreciate the harm they do to themselves, their children and the future generations. Yes, you may enjoy the so-called power, influence, wealth and protection now, but the end will surely be disastrous and full of regrets. You and your children will eventually pay for it. Today, when I see people boast of all these things I weep for them because I know what their end will look like. Or better still, you can go and see the families that took from Satan. So much pains, troubles, setbacks, strange sicknesses and mysterious things happening around them. Look at their children, their grand children, their families, their once flourishing empires, the demons are still hunting and trailing them. Spirits don’t forget covenants and pledges. They meticulously remember and keep them to generations, unless a stronger hand breaks them off. Be careful!

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