New poll shows Texans split on school vouchers

The Nature Versus Nurture Debate

A perennial and favourite discussion topic is the nature-nurture debate. The importance of this debate is far beyond merely the establishment of scientific fact.

E-Commerce Upsells And Cross-Sells Strategies That Actually Work

Upsells and Cross-sells are a very effective sales strategy that has been used long since these terms were incepted. Brick and mortar retailers use it all the time and the strategy is even more effective in online stores. Why?

Should Retirees Get Out of The Stock Market?

Let’s talk about the best investment practices in today’s volatile markets, how to invest after you retire and look at the big question many retirees have. Should I get out of the stock market?

Healthy Living – Three Reasons Why You Should Focus On Hydration

Looking to boost your hydration? If not, it is time to rethink that. Nearly everyone needs to get more fluids into their day, and this fluid should come primarily from water. Often people eat when they are just thirsty. Drinking sufficient amounts of fluid helps to prevent this kind of overeating and has many other benefits as well. Fluid fills the stomach for a short time, and it gives you something to digest that does not necessarily contain calories.

Letting Go Of Old Material Will Help Improve Your Writing Skills

When you’ve written the perfect sentence or paragraph, but it doesn’t go with the rest of your writing, it’s hard to know that to do with it. You may try to force a well-crafted, but out-of-place sentence or other passage into your current writing, but it’s better to let it go and come back to it. Here’s why:

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