New report on APD racial profiling and policing released.

Planning for Perception or Preference?

Tis the season of holiday shopping, parties and entertaining. Tis the season to exert extreme drain on our energy, wardrobe and pocketbook. Tis the season to spend.

Top 10 Questions You MUST Ask an Event Planner Before Your Next Speaking Gig

Last week we started talking about getting started as a professional speaker, and some tips to give your business a boost. One of the key points is to be polished, professional and at ease, in any situation – the best way to do this is to be prepared – for everything.

Swedenborg – Was He Sexist?

The theory of Swedenborg on the psychology of sex is often seen as sexist these days. But don’t the differences between the sexes go beyond physical makeup?

Critical Thinking: Why Do Some Vegetarians Eat Meat When They Are Drunk?

Over the years, more and more people have turned their back on meat and other animal based by-products. In the past, it was often a rare occurrence to come across someone who lives in this way, but nowadays, it can be a regular occurrence.

What You Should Know About Successfully Closing

Research on hundreds of interviews has found that almost 2/3 of sales reps don’t close for a commitment. Many buyers interviewed said the sales rep earned it but didn’t ask for it. Right from the beginning, you must earn the right to ask for it. This article describes the steps that lead to a successfully earned commitment. No tricks, just proven steps to winning the sale.

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