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The Smart and Glamorous Trouser Suit – Fashion Archive

The baffling thing about the fashion industry’s current obsession with plundering the dressing-up boxes of decades gone by is that most of the items being resuscitated are things we were secretly glad to get rid of first time around – bone-crushing hipster pants, itchy angora jumpers and unflattering A-line skirts, to name just a few. So it is cause for celebration when designers embrace a look that is retro in the sense that it is something we all know and love, but has been sufficiently updated for us to feel that we’re getting a new look. This…

Learn From Your Competitors & Outgrow Them

From showing up on the first page of search results to increasing website traffic and luring potential customers on social media, it all boils down to outperforming your competitors when it comes to e-commerce. The volatile e-commerce market is competitive and dynamic. Over the years, the industry has enjoyed growth that is nothing short of a revolution.

No Such Thing As an Article for All Persons and All Seasons

God was doing business in me recently when I had to realise something well beyond my control. In 400-words I cannot satisfy all His truth; I can only hit one angle. Most books cannot cover all the territory the author would want to cover.

A Life That Seems to Make No Sense But Somehow Works Out Best

The Christian life, properly lived, may feel a lot like this: ‘I don’t know where I’m going, I often appear to be getting nowhere, and yet I’m content, for God is with me.’ It’s the life, in its ideal, that seeks to covet only God’s Presence, and nothing else.

Fun Spring Activities for Baby Boomers

Who doesn’t love spring when longer days brighten the sky, birds sing joyfully, and trees begin sprouting bright new leaves? Here are six fun spring activities baby boomers can enjoy as weather permits, no matter your age.

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