No, Austin ISD isn’t teaching students about furries, despite what a viral post claims

Why Get Acupuncture Treatment For Your Thyroid-Related Problem?

This article highlights the importance of getting acupuncture treatment for Hashimoto or other thyroid related problem. People should take care to consult only experienced acupuncturists and follow the complete treatment course for getting long-term benefits.

Why Stretch Tents Are So Popular in South Africa

History – A stretch tent is one of the famous tents in the entire world for any outdoor events. South Africa produces and supplying about 70% of stretch tents in the entire world. With our unique weather, stretch tents can cover your guests from sunlight, rain, and wind during events. There are so many advantages when you choose a stretch over an ordinary marquee tent.

The Evolution of Marketing Automation

While aiming to promote products and services successfully in the market, businesses had realized the importance of adopting marketing strategies early on. Due to the intense competition, marketing strategies got infused with the technological innovations in order to evolve out as the modern marketing, which is now embedded in the customer’s lives and affecting it at a rapid pace.

Understanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Functional Medicine Treatments

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is much more than just a gut disorder. It causes chronic discomfort, anxiety, social limitations (especially where food and drink is involved), and a decrease in quality of life. There are a variety of contributory factors leading to IBS including but not limited to altered bacterial microbes in the gut, inflammation from the immune system, inflammation of the bowels, stress: emotional and physical, food sensitivities, and chronic microbial infections (viral, bacterial, protozoan, etc).

Start Healthy Cooking This Summer – 4 Good Reasons Why

Do you refrain from cooking in the summer because your whole kitchen gets hot? And then your entire house… That’s no longer the case when cooking in this unique, very healthy method. Find out why summer is a great time to start cooking healthy in pure clay pots and pans.

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