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5 Surefire Ways To Optimize Your Book’s Sell Sheet

In order to become, or remain, financially successful as a self-publisher, you must be able to quickly and effectively get your marketing message to your book-buying audience. Your book’s sell sheet is an excellent tool to do this. The sell sheet is a perfect marketing tool for offline AND online marketing – because it’s simple to understand, and gets directly to the point. So, here is a short discussion of five certain ways to make your sell sheet a very powerful marketing tool.

Fun Facts About Coffee

There are always fun facts to learn about your favourite drink! Some might be known to you, while others will be surprising. Read the article to learn some surprising facts about coffee.

How to Lead Change in Your Business Like a Boss

Change in your business is essential. Navigating it is challenging and can be bewildering. Here are 10 ways to work change like a boss.

Why the Devil or Satan Is in Your Mind and It Is Not Reality

Religious leaders use excuses for the lack of knowledge about the real God. From the inception of their doctrines, they based divine power on the sun and forces that work against it. Over the millennia since they have twisted and manipulated their ideas and teachings to fit every scenario.

Freedom of Expression Is a Beautiful Ability’ Filtering Words Productively Produces Positive Results

***Freedom of expression is a beautiful thing, especially if articulated in a loving and giving expressive forum. Implementing your filters is always the first priority. You can gain a grander audience by cleansing and releasing the low energy vibe that may or may not have generated your opinion. By doing this little deed it can better serve you, and possibly even me, even if only as a listener. Exercise your freedom of speech productively and wisely to use words as they were meant to be used in empathy,or to invoke a positive verbal vibration and energy- exchange. NAMASTE~

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