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What I Have Learned About Anxiety Online

Check out this article if you have anxiety. There are tips here that I have learned online that may help you.

Protecting APIs From Advanced Security Risks

API is often said as self-document information. It means its internal structure and implementation can serve as way for a cyber attack. If any additional vulnerability like lack of encryption, weak authentication, flaws in business logic and some of the insecure endpoints can result in cyber attacks too.

The Reality Show That Was a Blatant Cult

There’s a snippet from an old reality show that traumatised me, though less than the poor bloke they inflicted it on. Hypnosis not only can be used for evil, it is – all around you.

4 Types of Narcissism Share a Core Trait

There are four major types of narcissism. Researchers have been hunting for the core of narcissism that all narcissists share despite varying symptoms and severity. Narcissists use a variety of tactics and defenses to keep you insecure and ensure their status and their needs are met.

A Paradigm Shift for Success

Success is not an accident. When we find someone who is truly successful there are clues. Success can be duplicated if the process of becoming a success can be discovered.

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