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Exposed The Purpose of Life Upon the Earth (Isaiah 14:26)

People wonder every day what their life means and what the purpose of their existence may lead to. No one is immune from this thinking because the entire population has been blinded and deafened to reality. Most get up go to work, slave all day, come home have dinner and watch some fiction on TV before falling asleep to do it all over again.

The Dam Wall Has Broken and There Are Streams in the Desert As Fear Grips the World

The visions given to me in the 1980’s have already or are coming true now. One of them involved a huge dam holding back a sea of water on my left. In front of me the soil was cracked and parched.

Educated Authorities Do Not Have an Understanding of Life’s Purpose

When someone puts forward theories based on their ‘doctorate’ knowledge of what they produce is nothing more than the same unsubstantiated and ignorance of reality. It has purposefully gone before them as authors use the works of others to credit their thesis. What they don’t have is the inner connection to the real God, which manipulates and controls our thinking and actions from birth.

Spiritual Practice – Which One Is Best?

There are many types of spiritual practice. We can select the appropriate one according to which need is currently relevant for our inner journey of life.

“Exercising Control Will Make You A More Powerful Negotiator” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

“Exercising Control Will Make You A More Powerful Negotiator” The perception of power is a two-way process in a negotiation; the projector sees it from one perspective and the receiver views it from another. Based on the reaction of either, the perception gets revised and the loop continues.

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