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Agricultural Safety – Manure Handling and Spills

Although not a particularly nice subject to write about, manure is a big issue in farming and agricultural related work, and has potential to cause significant damage to both land and water. Such damage can occur either through improper storage, improper usage or when manure is being transported either on a farm or on a public highway. These will be looked at in detail below.

Farm Safety – National Government Resources Part 2

The federal government in the United States has a special place in being able to provide both federal and local advice and help with specific focus on the agricultural industry. This applies both to advice and guidance in a theoretical sense about all business activities, and in a specific sense to dedicated areas of the agricultural and farming industry. Agricultural safety and health centres, come under the brief of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Farm Safety – National Government Resources Part 1-

Agriculture plays a major part in most economies of the world, none more so than the United States. The federal government plays a huge part in the development and practices within the industry, by way of research, training, advice and sharing of experience. The federal government also oversees many areas of farming and safety by way of legislation and has a role that is both helpful and punitive.

Farm Safety – Burning Trash

Most farms or agricultural complexes will have a significant amount of materials, commonly referred to as trash, that will need to be disposed of. Quite often this is done by way of burning it, as it is seen as the most affected and manageable way of disposal. It is also a task that is often given to younger or more inexperienced employees on a farm.

Farm Safety – National and Local Resources

The issue of health and safety on farms and agricultural businesses is one where many farmers and operatives often need to seek help. This can apply to practical issues, local or national legislation, as well as immediate emergencies. Running a farm or related industry can be quite an isolated business, and it is important that whoever is running it is aware of the help that is available, and makes use of the wide resources available, both in real-time and online.

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