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Does My Background Hold Me Back From Being Successful

Does one’s background make it hard to be successful? Yes it does. People that come from supportive homes that encourage you to dream have a better chance to succeed than those who don’t.

Europe – A Photographer’s Paradise

Europe – A Photographer’s Paradise – Europe is a photographer’s paradise offering so many destinations and unmatched sightseeing delights. Traveling through Europe is an education in history, culture, gastronomy and landscape – each country with their own unique history, culture and climate. Visually stunning, these places will make you feel as though you are in paradise.

Today’s Leaders: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man

An English proverb says, “Cometh the hour, cometh the man.” It’s the idea that the right leaders will emerge or step up during times of crisis. Does this mean you? It might…

How To Write Engaging Social Media Posts

Writing social media posts that get a discussion going and inspire people to share and interact is an art. For the most part, your social media strategy should involve building your email list or sending them to your website so that they can become customers.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – P Is For Playfulness

When one is discussing their career, playfulness is probably never mentioned. However to keep a team engaged, or yourself for that matter, there should be some element of fun. This helps with building a culture of collaboration by socializing with others.

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