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Dislocations – When There Is No Doctor

The bones that form a joint are normally congruous and in apposition to each other. When this relationship is altered due to injury, it leads to a separation of these bones, called a dislocation. What you shouldn’t do is as important as what you should when someone has suffered a dislocation. Let’s discuss how to recognize when bones have gone astray, and the correct way to handle such an emergency.

Boundaries: Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Say Yes All The Time?

If someone wants to do something, they can say yes, and, if they don’t, they can say no. Both of these words are going to be important; one word won’t be more important than the other.

Why Religions Ignore Reincarnation?

Many religious followers have not heard of reincarnation and are forbidden to give thought to it if they have. Yet, there are millions who recall the event and some remember with great clarity their former lives. In my case my last death stands out along with the different language that came with me.

Strange Things Happened In The Outer Solar System

Decked out in colorful clown-like bands and pockmarked by whirling crimson storms, our Solar System’s largest planet, Jupiter, is truly the planetary monarch of our Sun’s fabulous family. This magnificent banded-behemoth, like other monarchs, has a devoted retinue of followers accompanying its every move as it wends its way around our Sun. The Jovian Trojan asteroids are a large group of rocky followers that share their planet’s orbit, and compose two distinct stable groups–one group that travels ahead of the planet in its orbit, while the other trails it from behind. In September 2018, planetary scientists at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas announced their new findings revealing the true nature of an unusual and delightful duo of Jupiter Trojans. Their new study points to an ancient planetary shake-up and consequent rearrangement of our Solar System when it was still quite young and forming.

Where’s Sherlock Holmes When You Need Him?

I, like so many people, love a good mystery. I have read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, the Father Brown stories and other good mystery novels. I just like trying to solve a good mystery. A good mystery does not reveal the mystery until the very end. All the way through the story, importance evidence points to that person and the other person and so forth. However, you must read the end of the story to find out the answer to the mystery. Mysteries do not just exist in novels for short stories. In my case, mysteries are all through my life. I cannot manage one day without some kind of a mystery. It is not because I am getting older either. As I remember my younger days, it too was filled with mysteries. I remember that one Christmas Eve when I was going to solve the mystery of Santa Claus. I heard about this mysterious person, but I had never seen him and this Christmas, I promised myself, I am going to see who this Santa Claus really is.

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