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Motivation: Can Someone Lose Motivation When They Heal Their Inner Wounds?

When it comes to whether or not someone is in a good place mentally and emotionally, how motivated they are is often taken into account. Therefore, if someone is highly motivated, they can be seen as being in a good way.

Instead Of Looking Back, We Need FRESH Ideas!

From the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign, for President of the United States, his primary slogan, Make America Great Again, seemed to emphasize, what he considered, the good – old – days, rather than, the needs and priorities, of proceeding, effectively, in a strategic way, and addressing, the evolving issues, and challenges, into the future! However, the reality is, instead of fondly, looking back, we need FRESH ideas, which are focused, on what’s needed. In other words, instead of the same – old, same – old, ideas, and emphasis, we need to elect people, who are ready, willing, and able, to make…

Why Many Doubt He’s STABLE Or A Genius?

In a moment, which is often, replayed, President Donald Trump, referred to, himself, as a stable genius! However, many doubt, he is, either, STABLE, or a genius! Even if one, agreed with his priorities, perceptions, and focus, if you paid keen attention, you should be concerned about his truly, troubling, behavior, apparent lack of any degree of genuine empathy, and/ or, his emotional stability, etc!

Trump Denials: 7 Dangerous Examples

The standard- operating- procedure, for this President, whenever, anything, and/ or, anyone, disagrees with what appears to be, his personal/ political agenda, point – of – view, perspective, and/ or, self – interest is to attempt to divert attention, call it fake and/ or, a hoax, deny any involvement, change the narrative (when it seems to fit his purposes), and blame someone else! When this is done, about minor issues, it may be annoying, and, obviously, less than honest, but the ramifications might not be, as extreme! However, when the denials, are, about more essential matters, it may br damaging,…

4 Tips to Help You Book Your Perfect Yacht Charter

If you want to get the most of your vacation, you may want to cruise the blue waters of the sky on a yacht. However, the process of renting one can be quite confusing, especially for first-time users. Therefore, we have put together some tips that will help you choose the best yacht to meet your needs.

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