Police looking for fugitive accused of ‘lewd acts’ in Austin

What I’d Say to My Recently Married Self

The Royal Wedding occurs on our eleventh wedding anniversary – thanks Harry and Meghan! – and guess what we’re planning to do? We’re going to be watching it. Okay, it is more my wife’s preference, but it highlights what she says is the biggest improvement in me as a husband looking back from Year 11 to Year 1. Being one to ask incisive questions (too much at times), I said to her, ‘What single facet of me as a husband has most improved over the past ten years?’ Her answer was simple and profound… ‘It’s your willingness to serve me.’

Things To Take Away From The Harry Potter Series

This is not really a book review, per se, millions of muggles have already done that countless times. This is just an afterthought on the primary takeaways after reading all seven books of the Harry Potter saga. (Spoiler Alert)

Travel: Seeing Vs Living

There is much talk these days about how you should not be a tourist, but a traveler. Well, there is no harm in being either, but let us look at some planning tips that might make you more of a “traveler” than a “tourist”.

Ways To Effectively Work From Home

Whether you are a full-time work from home employee, or temporarily working from home for your own reasons, things can get a bit hectic if you do not organize in the very beginning the way in which you work from home. Some simple but effective tips may help you save the work day.

Tips for Your Potted Plants to Enjoy Summer

Factoring in seasonal changes is essential for any home gardener. Just as we humans adapt our clothing, location, room temperature, etc., to beat the heat of the summer, there are certain adaptations necessary for your balcony garden as well.

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