Police: Man hit multiple people with car near Windsor Park

Meditation Failures Are Self-Hypnosis Successes

Is there a difference between self-hypnosis and meditation? I like to think so. They have the same benefits but the techniques are special to each. If you’ve struggled with meditation and would like to experience it, then self-hypnosis might have the answer you need.

Do You Have Soul Stress?

Almost everyone is stressed. Stress is insidious. We tend to underestimate the affects of stress and unaware of the detrimental affects to our health. Stress is killing us.

Have You Been Following the Wrong Advice About Your Money?

You name it, I’ll bet you’ve heard or read it. Turn on the TV, read a magazine, talk to a friend, watch the news, or read social media and there it is. Advice about money.

Decide to Choose Clarity

Having clarity about what you want is important for you to have success in your life. Otherwise you’ll simply drift. But clarity is a choice. When you decide to move in a direction, your choices become more evident. Learn how you can clear away confusion, and begin to make progress.

Crisis Mode

Due to foreseen events the world has become a meaner, more hostile place. Trumpism has given credibility to the madness. The lust for power, and wealth by men have always given way to the anguish so many suffer.

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