Police: Ring camera catches sex assault at Austin-area senior living facility

“How To Uncover More Hidden Value Opportunities When Negotiating” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

“Did you really want those bananas?” That was the question asked as one friend watched another negotiate the price of a lamp.

How True Leaders Get It DONE?

Don’t measure, or, even, consider, the quality, and/ or effectiveness of any leader, either by the level of their rhetoric, how well they articulate and/ or present it, or, whether you like the individual’s personality or broad perspectives/ messages! Rather, a true leader, must be measured, and demonstrate, his readiness, and ability, by, his level of preparation, perceptions, empathy, strategic planning, and readiness to not only, create, but, also, implement, the most relevant, sustainable, action plan. Seek leaders who pursue achieving relevant objectives, focused on the common good, and realize, they must, bring these, to fruition.

Let’s Separate Politics/ Political Rhetoric, From Memorializing Heroes

If you are like many of us, regardless of your personal politics/ political preferences, you’ve probably become somewhat, sick – and – tired, of all the political rhetoric, vitriol, and politician’s tendencies, to focus on themselves, and their personal agenda/ self – interest, when they should be thanking others, for their service, especially, when it involves, the ultimate sacrifice. This should not be about, either the agenda of someone on the so – called, right, or left, etc, but rather, doing what’s right! Perhaps, it is our own fault, for often, building up, these individuals, and looking at them, as…

Ways to Treat Chafing on the Penis

Chafing on the penis can be one of the most uncomfortable places to chafe. Penis chafing can keep a man from his favorite activities like working out, sex, and even just being comfortable moving around or sitting. Thankfully, recovery can be quick once it’s treated.

Penis Skin Peeling? Seven Causes and How to Remedy It!

Could there be anything scarier for a man than looking down in the shower and find that his penis skin is peeling? Let’s look at the causes of peeling penile skin and how to fix it!

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