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Dealing With Those Depressed Days

I prefer to be honest. It doesn’t always serve me well. Like the jobs I feel I miss out on, when they ask for honest responses to questions like ‘have you ever been depressed or suicidal?’ How are you supposed to answer those kinds of questions?

Bear Your Pain, Share Your Kindness

Pain has taught me something in the realm of people. The kindest people have learned to bear their pain, and in bearing their own pain they have discovered the capability to bear others’ pain, also.

Gallantly Entering the Wound

I cannot tell you how I came across the inspiration for this article other than to say it was two brave men who inspired me. They sat there, with me, as we sat silently, letting the words we had just spoken rest there… for what seemed like a minute or so.

The Seasons of Grief As We Experience Them

Anyone who’s ever grieved can tell you it’s not a linear process. It’s plain messy. There are so many emotions, and so many states of confusion, intermingled with fleeting fancies that never prove real, interwoven through depression and anger, and just so many more indivisible states of being.

Critical Thinking: Does The Establishment Want To Destroy The Western World?

For at least a number of decades, people in the west have been told that they need to stop having as many children due to ‘overpopulation’. This is a message that has been expressed directly and indirectly.

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